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Dollys Law

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Katelyn Davis  A 12-year-old precious little girl chose to end her life on December 30, 2016.  Why you ask ? Because she was emotionally physically mentally and sexually abused by the people  that should have protected her.  Failed it seems by every adult in her life! She found herself thinking there was no other way out inevitably   Katelyn  hung herself in a tree right outside her suburban home.  

Oh let me count the ways Katelyn's mother wasn't frantic when she called her in the night she hung herself. She was annoyed. She was inside napping according to one of Tammy's sisters and when she woke up she looked for her because it was Katelyn's job to look after her two toddler siblings. Frantic is an overstatement. This whole thing has put a real cramp in her mom's style I do believe. This mother has turned her daughter into a surrogate wife and mother to her husband and two small children with ALL the jobs, duties, and responsibilities that that entails. She has no moral compass and has had the luxury of being completely self indulgent and lazy in her lifes actions and intentions. Any sense of urgency and attentiveness have been devoted to her maintaining a relationship however disfunctional with Katelyn's Step dad even at her childrens expense. This wore Katelyn down to nothing. Her diaries, vlogs, blogs and other means recounts her daily existence and her hopelessness. I'd be mentally ill too if I had been treated so abhorently by my protectors. Katelyn's mom is a classless, lascivious women with an agenda (and a GoFundMe page) and God help any child left in her care. The Stepdad is no better but she is THEIR mother period. She has forfeited her mother card as far as I'm concerned because this wasn't a lapse in judgemnt or a terrible misunderstanding. Iit is a systematic, usary, negligent display of parenting of her daughter. She has designed it this way with a flagrant and disparaging regard for the very life she has been entrusted to protect and to nurture. Her inadequate flirtation with motherhood comes at her children's expense. Bullied or not your self-worth starts at home and as diligent as Katelyn was to be heard by her mom and her step dad she was shut down and demeaned each time. Some things on this Earth Ladies are bad and unpleasamt, and some things are all together EVIL. What happened to Katelyn was an evil display of actions by both Katelyn's mother and step father and it culminated in her precious baby, her first born, preparing, filming, and hanging herself from a tree while her mother, and I use that term loosely, took a nap. So looking away or minimizing it is yet another violation of Katelyn and I haven't the inclination or the tolerance for that. I'm on your side Katelyn! 


 My objective is to pass a law that states any child who ever makes the accusation of physical, mental, sexual or emotional abuse is immediately removed from the person who is being accused.   I get it in America we like to say innocent until proven guilty   I do not feel that should be the case when it comes to a minor making the accusation of sexual, mental, physical or emotional abuse.  I want this law to state that if your parent or guardian does not remove you from this person they are convicted of child abuse and neglect. I want children like Kaitlyn and the many others that live a life of hell here on earth to know that they may be little but their voices heard loud and clear ! 

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