CLEMENCY for Ricardo Riojas 75 year old elderly inmate serving LIFE for Marijuana

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Clemency for Ricardo Riojas a 75-year-old inmate who has served almost 23 years in a federal prison. My father was given a life sentence without the possibility of parole for a nonviolent crime.  My father is wheelchair bound and has poor health. He was taken into custody in 1996 for a conspiracy charge. Not only was my father taken into custody but 78 other people were charged with conspiracy. This included my mother and sisters. Being from a small town with no prior education in law we did what the lawyers advised, plead guilty for 20 years or everyone would get LIFE. It took 6 years for my father to be sentenced. My father took full responsibility his own actions and cooperated with pleading guilty. He attended his sentencing believing he was going to get 20 years and instead he was given LIFE. WHY WOULD ANYONE PLEA GUILTY TO LIFE?  My father was not awarded an adjustment for acceptance of responsibility. There was 2 individuals in this case who didn't plead guilty and fought back and these people did not serve time. There was a total of 7 people given LIFE SENTENCES for Marijuana, the rest were given 15-25-year sentences. Last year four of those people given LIFE sentences were given clemency through President Obama.  My father has accepted full responsibility for his actions.  He has used this time to become involved in guitar lessons and health education.  Unfortunately, my father’s body is not helping him be as coordinated as he once was.  He has difficulty with dressing himself, showering and even getting to the cafeteria. He has glaucoma which makes it difficult for his to see, he also has problems swallowing.  At times he has talked about taking his own life so he won't be a burden to other inmates. My father is a good man with an incredibly gentle heart, he deserves to be home. He is a father to four daughters and one deceased.  He has 11 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.  The problem is getting my father his freedom, clemency can grant him his freedom. We are asking for President Trump to grant clemency to my father so that he can have an opportunity to visit his daughter's grave and spend his last couple of years with his family that loves him dearly.  

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