Clemency for Michael F. Alexander Serving a 22 yr. Sentence for a Non-Violent Drug Offense

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My father Michael F. Alexander has served 12 long years of a 22 year sentence for a non-violent drug offense.

I am the second of 3 children my father has and the mother of three of his five young grandchildren. I was 18 years old blossoming into my own when my father was sentenced to 22 years for possession with intent to distribute powder cocaine. My father may have been home by now, but due to prior non-violent convictions, my father received additional time legally called "enhancements" that doubled his original sentence of a five year mandatory minimum sentence. 

My father is not a violent person in any manner and he accepts full responsibility for his actions that led to his incarceration. He has often stated, "When people break the law, we must be punished." My father and I also agree with President Obama's statement, "When people commit drug crimes, they owe a debt to society, but they don't owe 20 or 30 years of their lives or LIFE in prison." Although my father doesn't have a LIFE sentence, he does have a 22 year sentence that our whole family wish he didn't have for a non-violent drug offense.

While in prison my father has definitely put his time to good use! He has completed over 60 programs offered the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) including 350 hours of a Credentialed Alcohol and Substance Program (C.A.S.A.C.) that has allowed him to pursue a career as a certified substance abuse counselor and he is also certified by the NFPT (National Federation of Professional Trainers). 

My father also attempts to maintain a positive relationship with his family inside of prison via phone calls and visits, in fact he has never held or hugged my little brother who is only 11 or any of his grandchildren outside of prison. This breaks my heart because my little brother and his grandchildren need him more than ever. It is also difficult for me sometimes because I can't just pick up the phone when I am going through a tough time for my father to console me; it bothers me that my 82 year old grandfather who is a Korean War Veteran suffering from dementia is in hospice care and my father isn't around to support him. These are small things that people who are not in prison take advantage of. The small things that make the world go around and I want my father to regain society so he can continue in the process of making the world go around again. 

I realize my father is not serving a LIFE sentence but 22 years is almost like a LIFE sentence because he is already 52 years old. Another 10 years and he will be 62 years old. I know my father will honor and cherish another chance at his life if he is afforded a second chance. He made some poor choices while he was young but he isn't so young anymore and his life then isn't his life now.  He has paid a huge price for a small fortune!

Please sign this petition in efforts to urge President Trump to grant my father, Michael F. Alexander clemency.

Thank you for your support in hopes of giving my father a second chance at his life.

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