Clemency for Kayla Buchanan

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My friend Kayla Buchanan is a 35 year old women and mother of 3 serving time at Coleman camp for drugs . She was given 188 months as a drug career offender because this was her third strike with drug offenses. However those previous offenses never had her serving any time in prison. She has already been incarcerated for 8 years starting at a federal correctional institution and now she is at a camp. Ms. Buchanan is a mother of three children that are having to be raised by her cousin while Ms. Buchanan is away. She really needs the president to grant her clemency and let her have a second chance at life and to be a mom to her kids. Her kids are 8, 15 and 19 and they need their mom to come home and be a mom for them.  Kayla has received her GED and an electrical degree. She has also completed so many other programs since she has been incarcerated. During her stay in prison she has never gotten in any trouble. Her case is like so many others that have already received the clemency that the newest laws allow and hopefully she will be blessed with clemency as well.  

Please take the time and look at her case and see she should be home with her kids.  She's never been violent in her life and she lost her mother when she was 11 years old and has been on her own ever since. She has had a hard life coming up and made some bad choices but has really learned her lesson. As a career offender she did not get the drug law or the minimum and she is not getting any help with the changes to the laws so this is really all the hope she has.

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