Chronic Pain Patient's Bill of Rights

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Chronic pain victims who have exhausted all options rely on opiates for management of otherwise incapacitating pain, victims of genetic disease or severe accidents. The majority of opiate deaths are the result of illegal drugs like heroin or illegal/recreational use. Even counting suicides, 99.98% of those who use opiates do NOT die.  CDC’s 90 MME is being implemented as law by the DEA and states are following suit resulting in dosages being cut blindly. Yet deaths aren’t falling because we aren’t the problem! Please help us!  Use this Chronic Pain Patient's Bill of Rights (modified for YOUR particular State) and send it to your Friends and Family on Facebook, Twitter, and every social and news media and help stop the torture of US citizens who are the most unfortunate, innocent, members of society who would are having to choose between absolutely cruel and inhuman options all because our government doesn't understand that Veterans who had their legs blow off by an IED and have phantom pain, or a young teenager who got her spine broke in a car accident caused by a drunk driver, or a older person who suffered permanent spinal cord damage as a result of arthritis of the spine suffer intractable, incurable, degenerative, and excruciating pain. People have already committed suicide rather than face a life of endless pain with no hope of access to pain medication to manage it. 

Don't punish pain!  Please help us!  In the words of famous American Patriot Todd Beamer, Let's Roll!  

Chronic Intractable Pain Patients’ Bill of Rights

(a)    Prescribers shall not apply the 2016 CDC Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain to any cancer, palliative care, and/or hospice patient.

(b)    Prescribers shall not apply the 2016 CDC Guidelines for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain to any patient who has been diagnosed with chronic intractable pain by a board licensed physician:

1.       The board licensed physician is not required to be licensed in the state of <your state>, but must be licensed in one of the 50 United States.

2.       The patient shall have written documentation from their treating physician of such diagnosis of chronic intractable pain.

(c)     For this section, “chronic intractable pain” shall be defined as pain that is excruciating, constant, incurable, and of such severity that it dominates virtually every conscious moment and produces mental and physical debilitation, and it may if under treated may produce a desire to commit suicide for the sole purpose of stopping the pain.  Chronic intractable pain patients suffer profusely and are fundamentally bed or house-bound in the absence of intense medical management, which typically includes the use of opioids.

(d)    In event that a chronic intractable pain patient’s pain is not treated and/or not adequately treated, a report shall be made to the <your state> Department of Health, which shall take appropriate action to discipline the patient’s prescriber.

(e)    Physicians and other prescribers practicing in the state of <your state> shall not refuse treatment to chronic intractable pain patients for the sole reason that these patients require intensive treatment.

(f)     Pharmacists practicing in the state of <your state> shall not refuse to fill prescriptions from chronic intractable pain patients once proper documentation is acquired. This documentation shall be given to such pharmacist one time from the chronic intractable pain patient’s prescriber.