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Change "Columbus Day" to "Discovery Day."

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Columbus Day, as it stands right now, is a holiday designed to celebrate the mis-accomplishments of one man.  It focuses on a person who, not only was NOT the first person to discover the Americas, but a man who abused his power here in the Americas, committing genocide and spreading death. It is conveniently left out of the history books that Columbus even LOST the govenorship of the Americas while he was there.


Instead, I propose a new purpose and name for this holiday: “Discovery Day.”  Discovery Day shall focus on the achievements of all of those who have made significant findings in their field in the name of discovery. This could include explorers such as Marco Polo, Ferdinand Magellan, Lewis and Clark, the Crew of Apollo 11, or ANY individual who, in the name of human advancement, took a risk to discover something new. 


Discovery Day does not have to apply to exploration, either. Tremendous discoveries are made in the field of science eery day. Unfortunately, unless you look for them, these discoveries often stay in the shadows and are uncelebrated. Perhaps even more saddening is the fact that so many brilliant minds in humanities past have been left unacknowledged on a cultural scale. Instead, we dedicate whole days to a single man who borderline failed at his only task. We should be celebrating the achievements of Nikola Tesla, Marie Sklodowska-Curie, William Gilbert, Kepler, Sir Isaac Newton, and so many more. 


I am not suggesting we stop celebrating the actual accomplishments of Christopher Columbus, or any person who, as a whole, might be classified as an unwholesome person. Instead, I propose we shift to focus to the positive discoveries they made, and to the discoveries humanity, as a species, has made. It is counter productive to celebrate a single man for an action that was not only committed in error, but was followed up with many actions that were more harmful than beneficial.


Columbus Day is a Federal American Holiday, but that does not mean we cannot celebrate the achievements of those from around the world who helped America become what she is today and who she will be tomorrow. Christopher Columbus was Spanish, not even British. It only follows suit to include all of our explorers who made us who we are.



By signing this petition to change Columbus Day to Discovery Day, you are saying you support America’s eagerness to keep learning and discovering, as well as acknowledging how diverse and important background we have.

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