Ban Elephant Trophies From Entering The United States

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Recently, Trump has reversed a much needed ban on importing elephant trophies from Zambia and Zimbabwe that was made during Obama's presidential terms. By doing this, he is selfishly promoting hunting one of Earth's most precious creatures purely for a trophy.

This also sends the wrong message to other countries who may want to follow the United States as an example. It makes us all seem like elitists who would kill a beautiful creature purely for a trophy. The number of African Elephants has fallen by 30% from 2007- 2014 and if we continue as we are this could get worse.

Recently, I visited Africa with my family and saw many elephants. However, a large amount of them noticeably had no tusks which puts them at an unfair disadvantage to the other elephants and makes them easier pray for other creatures.By lifting the ban many more elephants will be killed both by poachers and natural causes. This will also lead to a disruption in the food chain and may result in other animals dying out.

We need to reverse this ban to help conserve and save these beautiful harmless creatures for generations after us to see.

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