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Sexual and Gender Based Violence has become an epidemic in Nigeria.  Every day report comes out about the rape of babies, little girls, young girls, young women and even the elderly - a 78 year old woman was raped recently.

A little girl died from the effects of sodomy by her uncle and cousin; a baby of 8 months is still undergoing surgery for the rape by her father; a young girl repeatedly raped by her father and forced to commit abortions and the last one was reported which led to an NGO taking up the cause. The father pleaded guilty but unfortunately on the day of sentence, there was an accident and young girl, her unborn baby, 2 members of the NGO, the uncle and driver died on the spot.  every day is a report of a child raped by the father or uncle or neighbour.

Young men rape young girls and have the boldness to then video tape the sordid event.  A young lady was accused of taking a phone and next thing she was stripped and raw pepper inserted into her vagina.  The list is unending.

Violence against women is perpetuated daily and the perpetuators have no fear of the law and even boast that NOTHING CAN BE DONE TO THEM.  

In schools rape happens and they are covered up more for the reputation of the school.  Last weekend there was an alleged report against a University of the rape of 3 school girls by security men of the school who went into the girls hostel to search for phones.  This is being investigated.

There are laws but they are not enforced as they should - so rape keeps happening and rapists walk free.

We now appeal that the President should show concern towards this heinous situation by MAKING RAPE A NATIONAL DISASTER.   

When children and women are defiled and violated - they can't be the nurturers they are created to be.

We are all concerned because this could happen to anyone.  Please sign and share.

Laila St. Matthew-Daniel                                                                                                E.D. ACTS Generation GBV                                                                                                                                                                                email: