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Grant US Citizenship to MF DOOM

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MF DOOM is a national poetic treasure, and his exile from the United States is a loss for American culture at large.  Mr. President, we urge you to intercede on behalf of Mr. Dumile in your capacity as the departing President to naturalize him as a US Citizen and offer him the opportunity to return to the US to continue perpetuating his ingenious explorations of the English language and American slang.  As you have observed, Hip Hop is a treasured American art-form, and to exile one of its foremost luminaries is a national shame.

Background (from Q Magazine):
"When face mask-wearing rapper MF Doom-aka-Daniel Dumile-returned home to the US in late 2010 after only his second foreign tour in a 20-year career he met a force even a supervillain couldn't vanquish-a US immigration officer saying no. British-born Dumile moved to the US as a baby, but was never naturalised, so avoided leaving the country. But in 2010, possibly assuming his American wife and five kids would be enough to secure re-entry, he obtained a British passport and set out on tour.

On return he met with an official who 'just wanted to see how many people she could make have a bad day that day'. Doom didn't tell her his profession, making him the only rapper ever not to give it the Big I Am. 'Imagine me saying that,' he says with a laugh. 'I'm no big rap star, I'm a regular guy.'"

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