Korean Government, STOP the persecution towards religion.

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Dear civilians who respect human rights.

I have started to write this petition to tell the unrighteous persecution towards religion done by the Minister of Justice in Korea.

Last January, when the Covid-19 started to spread from China, citizens required to prohibit the entry from China for preventing the Covid-19. In the national petition, from the 23rd to the 27th Jan, only in 4 days 460,000 people have agreed on prohibiting the entry from China.

But the Minister of Justice neglected the national petition and actively allowed the entry to Korea. She openly said that she was appreciated by the ambassador of China 'Xing Haiming' for not prohibiting the entry from China. In a radio interview, she said "Korea did an effective measure (towards Covid-19) by not prohibiting the entry from China".

Afterwards, Covid-19 spread quickly in Korea. Many people were also infected by Covid-19 in Shincheonji Church of Jesus (abb. Shincheonji). So from 18th of February, Shincheonji closed all the churches and facilities for the disinfection.

However, the Korean government started to put the blame of Covid-19 spreading to one religious organization, Shincheonji. The Minister of Justice directly asked the Prosecutor's Office to start the investigation towards Shincheonji and give the arrest warrant. Currently, five members in leaderships in Shincheonji have been arrested.

Is it right to put the responsibility of Covid-19 spreading on one religious organization? In the world, is there any government that accuses a company or religious organization if the members are infected by Covid-19? Isn't the government responsible for protecting the people of the nation?

Who is responsible for Covid-19 spreading? Is it Shincheonji who followed the guidelines from the government? Or is it the Minister of Justice who allowed people from China to come to Korea freely?

The Minister of Justice must apologize for her partial decisions. Due to her arrogant attitudes, the opposition party submitted the impeachment article against her. But on 22nd of July, what she said to the members of the National Assembly of the Legislative and Judiciary Committee, showed her attitude. She said "SO WHAT?". She never thinks of her faults, and she is using her authority as if she's a queen.

But what is right must be revealed as right, and what is wrong must be revealed as wrong! She must repay to Shincheonji for the damages she has caused, and resign right now!