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Close Indonesia’s Cruel Wildlife Markets

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Over the last two years, Scorpion has visited 34 wildlife markets all over Indonesia, to end the illegal trade of protected animals and cruelty animals

When we started our work, Scorpion witnessed extensive numbers of sales of protected animals in larger cities in Indonesia: Jakarta; Bandung; Surabaya; Yogyakarta; Pekanbaru, Malang, Bali and Medan.

We have worked hard to put a stop to this trade, by increasing our monitoring, reporting to law enforcement authorities, and built awareness around this vile trade. 

Tens of thousands of wild animals suffer in these markets, confined in small cages without access to food or drinking water. Some of them are infants deprived of their mothers and homes:

Others are chained by their necks

Their suffering is unimaginable.

Please help our work by signing our petition to close Indonesia's wildlife markets.

Every signature counts.

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