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Dear President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris,

When news networks called the election for you, cheers broke out in the streets of Chicago, a city that the current occupant of the White House has repeatedly demeaned, insulted and threatened.

It was the biggest rush of collective relief this city has experienced since 2018, when we had just rid ourselves of another craven egomaniac with a legacy of destruction. That man was former mayor Rahm Emanuel, and yesterday we learned that you are considering him for a top position in your administration.

As residents of Chicago—and as community organizers, local elected officials, union members and others who are all-too-familiar with his work—we are writing to un-recommend Rahm in the strongest terms possible.

If you want to root out systemic racism, defend democracy, and build a society that leaves no one behind—all worthy goals mentioned in your victory speech—we can think of few people worse for the job than the man who earned the nickname “Mayor 1%.”

In case you’re unaware, allow us to acquaint you with Rahm’s resume in some key policy areas.  

The list goes on. Given his track record, awarding Rahm Emanuel a cabinet position in the new administration would be a disaster for many of the communities that helped defeat Donald Trump. Not least, it’s a Sears-Tower-sized insult to our city of Chicago, where we are continuing to deal with the effects of his legacy on a daily basis.

Take the word of the city that knows him best: We don’t want him here, but we don’t want him anywhere near the White House either.