Illegal immigrants should not have more rights than a born United States Citizen!!!!

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Hello. I am a single parent of 3 and I am a natural born citizen of the United States. I have raised my 3 children by working hard everyday and making sacrifices that every parent makes. 

But now my daughter and I of 9 yrs old are being dragged through the court process by an illegal alien that files under multiple names and who has also been ordered by judge Pratt for him to establish paternity 3 different times in 2013...which was a no show for testing and for court because he can't prove which alias name he really is. He was also ordered by judge pratt 2 times already to do the same in 2016 and he has not. I have lost a home 2 times and have lost 3 jobs because of him and now I have had to leave my current home because of his mental, emotional, and physical abuse because he has hired a lawyer to file any paper he wants in the wrong county that neither of us live in and he has been able to keep my daughter away from me 2 times already and my daughter cries not wanting to go. He has been given rights to file false allegations over an over including his lawyer saying he is the residential parent and I was only seeing my child 1 day a week under his terms and threats including him saying, "he will get his niece's birth certificate and social security card to change my child's identity and I would never find her!" He is now trying to file kidnapping charges on me for my child who has no father listed on her birth certificate and the cops in my area are now making threats to my family including my minor son of age 15 and my mother who is in bad health.

Please help me with this situation and pass this petition to EVERYONE you can. My family and I should not be experiencing this kind of abuse from someone who paid a coyote to bring him illegally across the border from Mexico City. He has a history of violence that is documented in Charleston and Huntington as well with domestic violence and child protective services. He has a record and he is still filing and doing this to American Citizens. He is not a nice person!!! He will harm you if he gets mad at you just like he has done to us. He should be deported for filing false allegations and going by several different names. I have the court papers to prove the names!!! He also has a rifle in his apartment which even makes him more dangerous!!! PLEASE HELP FOR MY DAUGHTER'S PROTECTION!! I FEAR FOR OUR SAFETY! 

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