Clemency for Donald Fugitt Serving 17 years for POT

Clemency for Donald Fugitt Serving 17 years for POT

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Donald Fugitt has served over 6 1/2 years of a 210-month sentence for conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute marijuana. 

In 2013, Donald was arrested for "conspiracy" charges relating to poor choices he made.  Although Donald admits fault and is so remorseful for the pain he has caused his family, the sentence was outrageous due to federal minimum mandatory laws. 

Donald has 3 children, and at the time of arrest his son was only a few months old,  the children are now 16, 13, and 6 years old.  They are not able to see their dad often due to the distance away from them BOP has him housed in. 

I have known Donald since he was in 5th grade and I can truly say he is an amazing man.  He is such a strong, loving, and trusting person.  Donald was always there to lend a hand to anyone.  He loves his children and family so much, and after serving over 6 1/2 years we are asking for mercy for Donald.   His family loves him and waits for him to be given a second chance and come home to them.  

We need more good people like Donald in this world to spread the love for God he continues to grow while being in federal prison. 

Please help by signing this petition and ask President Trump to grant Donald Fugitt clemency. 

You can read Donald Fugitt's profile on the CanDo Clemency top 25 deserving men.