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Federally defund UC Berkeley for indoctrinating students into violent riots

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The University of California in Berkeley has become far too dangerous for conservative and right leaning students because of fascist communist groups like ANTIFA and far left leaning students who are indoctrinated by their professors to riot and "protest" violently. This results in vandalizing public property, lighting cars on fire, physical assault, and the use of weapons such as knives and smoke bombs. Even recently there has been a group of these students who now are heavily armed with assault weapons. These groups have shown their aggression in the past for decades, and it is time that we put an end to federally funding this University since they are anti-American and moreover they are a criminal organization indoctrinating students into communist and far left regimes. 

UC Berkeley protests that turned into violent riots started by these students in 2017:

  • Milo Yiannopoulos protest on Febuary 1st
  • Pro-Trump rally on April 15th
  • March 4 Trump on March 4th

Though these riots and aggressive forms of protest has been going on by far left leaning and communist groups since the 1960s, we must stop this before they become even more violent and close the book on this corruption.


Support me and true freedom loving Americans to federally defund UC Berkeley. We will no longer pay our hard earned money on such a corrupt crime syndicate and the corruption of our youth. 



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