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President Barack Obama, US Congress: Change Columbus Day to "Indigenous Peoples Remembrance Day"

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Every year, the American people celebrate the myth of Christopher Columbus' "discovery" of America. Children are taught in school about his adventures and discovery.
However, it is well known that Columbus did not discover America - people already lived here. Columbus, in his desperation for wealth, wreaked a reign of terror over the indigenous people of the Americas, inciting his men to rape, pillage, and murder. Because of his actions, millions of Native Americans died of disease or violence, and many ancient cultures were destroyed.
This petition is to request President Obama and the US Congress to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Remembrance Day. It is a slap in the face to all Native Americans and all people with a conscience to annually celebrate the actions of a vicious murderer. It is akin to celebrating Hitler Day.
Changing the holiday to Indigenous Peoples Remembrance Day would not only bring recognition to the people who lived in the Americas before European invasion, but would also inspire those in the education system to teach the truth about the European "discovery" of the Americas and to stop teaching the lie of Columbus the Hero to children. Please sign and support remembrance of the original inhabitants of the Americas, and support recognition of the truth.

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