Preserve the Agricultural Use of SF’s Last Commercial Nursery! 保留三藩市最後一塊的商用苗圃作農業用途!

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We, the undersigned, draw significant value from the Portola District’s longstanding identity as San Francisco’s Garden District, and we strongly support the development of an educational urban farm at University Mound Nursery. We seek the support of the City to prevent any incompatible development at the site, as well-intentioned as it might be. 

The Portola prides itself on being San Francisco’s official Garden District. For over 70 years, the Portola was a floricultural hub with dozens of commercial greenhouses and open field nurseries. The neighborhood was overflowing with azaleas, carnations, orchids, roses, snapdragons, and many others grown for sale at the SF Flower Mart. Today, the Portola carries on its Garden District traditions through bountiful backyard gardens, community green spaces, and numerous public artworks, but only one of its historic nurseries remains. 
寶都麗對能成為三藩市官式的公園區引以為榮。70多年來,寶都麗是一個花卉園藝中心,擁有數十個商業溫室和露天苗圃。這個社區充滿了杜鵑花,康乃馨,蘭花,玫瑰,金魚草,以及其他許多在三藩市鮮花展賣場(SF Flower Mart)銷售的其他鮮花品種。 今日,寶都麗通過豐盛的後花園,社區綠地和眾多公共藝術品繼承了花園區的傳統,但歷史悠久的苗圃卻只餘下一個。

770 Woolsey St. is a historical resource for the Portola and the City, and is deserving of SF Historic Landmark Status. Established in 1922, this farm was once known as University Mound Nursery, and its founding family grew roses there till the early 1990s. The site spans an entire city block and still contains 18 glass hothouses. Original rose bushes continue to grow amongst the broken glass and weathered wood, their brilliant blossoms reminding neighbors of the beauty the site once held, and may again offer.

Over the past decade, Portola residents established urban agriculture at 770 Woolsey as a project of paramount significance, as documented by the Portola Green Plan. 770 Woolsey is the only remaining property capable of honoring our cherished Garden District identity, while also being able to further position San Francisco as a global leader in the sustainable food movement in urban spaces. In 2016, the SF Board of Supervisors offered its support for The Portola Green Plan, unanimously passing a resolution stating that the Board “will assist the Portola in all its gardening and green works, including the Portola Green Plan.”
過去十年間,如寶都麗綠色計劃所記錄,寶都麗居民在770 Woolsey建立都市農業,是一個具有重要意義的計劃。770 Woolsey是餘下來唯一能夠表揚我們珍愛花園區特色的產業,並同時能進一步把三藩市定位為城市空間可持續食物運動的全球領導者。2016年,三藩市市參事會為寶都麗綠色計劃提供支援,一致通過決議案,聲稱該市參事會「將會協助寶都麗進行該區所有的園藝和綠色工作,包括寶都麗綠色計劃。」

Our community’s longstanding vision for agriculture at University Mound Nursery is at odds with plans for housing development. In July of 2017, a developer purchased 770 Woolsey and is proposing to build 86+, 4-story housing units with limited parking. The developer’s plans are NOT yet approved, and we as the Portola community reserve our right to fully engage with the approvals process, especially now while city officials are weighing the merits of both proposals.
我們社區在大學岡苗圃發展農業的長期願景與住屋開發計劃不一致。在2017年7月,一發展商買入770 Woolsey並建議開發86個單位以上、四層高的住房大廈,和設置有限的泊車間。該發展商的計劃並未獲得通過,而身為寶都麗社區的我們保留我們的權利充份參與該審批過程,特別是現階段當市府官員正在衡量這兩項提案的優點。