- Cut Ties With ITR Animal Torture! - Cut Ties With ITR Animal Torture!

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We are asking that and it's President - Louis Thériault cut business ties with ITR.

ITR (International Toxicology Research) performs heinous experiments on live animals like macaque monkeys, beagles, and pigs while these animal are still conscious. These animals are mercilessly poisoned, painfully mutilated, and brutally killed for cosmetic testing and research. is responsible for designing and constructing the physical laboratories and offices of ITR and even building the gas chambers which poison animals to death! ITR has been contracting with them every single year since 1996! Their most recent project was to renovate the "inhalation areas" this year in 2019 where dogs are painfully suffocated to death with poison. 

In 2016 built a two story building expansion with six new laboratories, in 2017, they built 10 more laboratories and retrofitted the building with site security. This company is basically a partner with ITR and profits directly from violently killing animals. This needs to stop now!

A recent undercover investigation shows how ITR (and ) make money from brutalizing innocent animals on the link below:

It is embarrassing and shameful that you and your company are responsible for torturing thousands animals to death.

Call Louis Thériault 450-682-0013 and demand his company stop enabling ITR to kill animals. 

Do what's right for the animals! Cut ties with ITR!