We Demand Police-Free Schools Ontario Wide! #PoliceFreeSchoolsONWide

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PASSED 7500 SIGNATURES! Want to organize? Have already been organizing? Fill out our LAEN form!

Thank you to each and everyone of you who signed and have been sharing this petition! This is one of the multiple tools and ways that we are using to place pressure to ensure win for #PoliceFreeSchoolsONWide!

Part of our LAEN #PoliceFreeSchoolsONWide campaign is to elevate, support and continue connecting local campaigns that are happening across Ontario pushing for police-free schools, coordinate knowledge-exchanges and pressures on the government and local officials along with simultaneous actions etc.

So we want to know are you already organizing for police-free schools at your local school board and/or post-secondary campus? Were you previously organizing but burnt out? Are you not organizing yet to push for police-free schools but are interested in organizing locally and be part of a larger call out for healthy, equitable police-free schools?

If so, and if we haven't already connected please fill out this form as we want to keep connecting with folks and invite you to our future LAEN: #PoliceFreeSchools & #PoliceFreeSchoolsONWide Political Teach-In!



Andrea Vásquez Jiménez and Silvia Argentina Arauz 
Co-Directors of LAEN

More Information: laentoronto@gmail.com

LAEN - Latinx, Afro-Latin-America, Abya Yala Education Network
1 year ago