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Justice For Joāo Pedro

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14-year-old Joāo Pedro was killed by the Rio de Janeiro police. In 2019 alone, Rio police killed 1,814 people; an all time record. The victims mostly being young black males. Joāo was shot at his home and his body was taken by the Rio de Janeiro police. His family waited 17 hours until receiving news of his whereabouts. They finally found his dead body at a medical examiner’s office. The family counted 72 bullet marks on the walls of the house. Cops say Joāo died in a shootout started by criminals. Neighbors say that is a lie. The escalation in police killings comes after Governor Wilson Witzel promised to, “dig graves,” and shoot criminals, “in their little heads,” to stop crime. Under Witzel, the Rio police carry out frequent sniper attacks from helicopters, always in poor neighborhoods. As a homework assignment, one child from a local school wrote: “I don’t like helicopters. When they come, people die.” The pandemic has not slowed the police but only made matters worse. Please spread the word and get justice for Joāo Pedro along with every unlawful murder these policemen have committed. Sourced from: The Brazilian Report https://youtu.be/qQgpHnP51TI