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Wild Atlantic salmon have been decimated by a multitude of aggressions: dams, pollution, riverbed degradation, overfishing at sea and in rivers, aquaculture-related pests, and now global warming.

Stocks are dwindling, the species is already endangered on the Garonne-Dordogne, Loire-Allier, Seine, and the Rhine-Meuse ... where professional fishing was banned too late .

While the salmon of the Adour basin and the Gaves are threatened with extinction,  50 million euros have been invested to facilitate their recovery. The Adour is the only river in France and one of the last in the world where driftnet fishing is still allowed, preventing salmon from reaching their native Pyrenean rivers and breeding grounds.

Many years ago, all the North Atlantic countries concerned banned professional fishing and the marketing of wild salmon.
France could honour the International Year of Salmon in 2019, by making a definitive commitment to the protection of the king of all fish, an emblem of biodiversity.

We demand the only decisions that favor the general interest and the protection of our regional heritage:

(1) The total and definitive prohibition of net fishing and the marketing of wild Adour salmon,

(2) The end of the so-called "by-catches” by installing a 2 milles protection zone of the coast of Nouvelle Aquitaine