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Mars Petcare please provide therapeutic surgeries only in your hospitals. You'll be heroes

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January 2017

Mars Petcare has recently acquired VCA hospitals, adding this giant in veterinary medicine to the other huge chains they already own, Banfield and Blue Pearl. 

 Mars Petcare, we, the undersigned, ask you to do a great service to the animals you serve. Please don't allow any non-therapeutic surgeries in your hospitals. Please make a policy against declawing, devocalization, ear cropping, and tail docking.

Non-therapeutic or cosmetic procedures on animals are never performed for the benefit of the animal.

 Mars, here's your chance to stand up for dogs and cats and make your hospitals the most humane and compassionate corporate chain ever.

 Many of the famous internet cats and dogs are awaiting your decision and if you decide to protect them from these cruel and unnecessary surgeries, your announcement will go viral across the millions upon millions of followers they have.

Declawing is the amputation of a cat's last toe bone. It has absolutely no benefit for the cat and is very detrimental to the cat's well-being because not only can it no longer defend itself, it is also often in chronic pain. Declawed cats often lose their homes because it hurts for them to dig in the litter box so they stop using the box altogether. They are also known to begin biting to try to defend themselves.

Devocalization is a cruel surgery where the vocal cords of a cat or dog are severed so that it hushes the sound the animal would normally make. Devocalized animals often have difficulty breathing because they get scar tissue formation in their throats. They also can no longer call for help.

 Ear cropping is only done for cosmetic breed standards in the USA and Canada. These standards are not observed in other countries like those in Europe. By artificially making a dog's ears stand erect, the veterinarian is rendering that dog in an aggressive posture, making other dogs read that dog as on the offensive.

Tail docking is another cruel surgery. Baby dogs have their tails scissored off at the age of one or two days. Their pain is intense from this. As they grow, they have been robbed of the ability to communicate with a friendly tail wag. Other dogs therefore might read them as being in an aggressive stance.

 Mars Petcare, please bring your progressive Belgian standards to America and Canada. Declawing and other non-therapeutic surgeries are banned in Belgium as well as in most of Europe.

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