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It is important, even vital, to protect Justice itself. By signing this you will actually do more: you will stand up against anomalies or as some say even corruption of our legal systems (in GB And Portugal).

There has been early lies by missing child Madeleine McCann's parents which their close family members and friends have reported to the media, stating that these assertions were told to them on the telephone by the McCanns. Indeed all the press reports and TV interviews confirm this: the McCanns said that the children's bedroom window had been smashed and that the shutter had been damaged, hence a "forced entry". All this is verifiable, and was proven as deliberate LIES.

Futhermore, many contradictions are found between the police statements. The forensic results which included CADAVER ODOUR were denied by the McCanns who instead explained them by bizarre elements such as dirty nappies left in their rented car boot, also rushing to say that trained police dogs were unreliable. However, very curiously, they were not interested regarding how the human cadaver smell and blood & body fluids could have made their way there.

Official police records show that no one had previously died in this apartment. I will remind people that according to her parents, the "missing" Child Madeleine McCann was left alone in that holiday flat, "hence" the "abduction". In total three children under the age of four: Madeleine and her younger sibling twins, to singly mention the McCanns, were ON THEIR OWN, UNATTENDED in this place. Their parents who dined and enjoy alcoholic drinks with their friends at circa 200 yards away (and NOT 80 as the father quoted, lying yet again!), were arranging "turns of check" on the children...

With the help of TWO lawyers they escaped normal justice in the early days of the event. Why has this been permitted and why has a normal trial never been in place in any Portuguese court? If you are not happy with some people being "above the law" yet still enjoying donations via their juicy business "to find Madeleine" and BENEFITING from a special "review" by the NSY (Metropolitan Police in England) which costs YOUR PUBLIC TAXES £6,228 PER DAY, in total over £4.5 MILLIONS so far, then please sign this Petition for a Trial.



Letter to
Current Minister of Justice in Portugal (at the time of closing this petition); EUROPOL. Portugal: Gabinete de Sua Excelência, a Ministra da Justiça + EUROPOL
To the current Minister Of Justice in Portugal and EUROPOL:

We demand a TRIAL for Child Madeleine McCann's Parents, Kate Healy and Gerald McCann, which would be normal Justice for any parent who would have been in the same situation as them.
They have escaped Portuguese normal legal procedures during the early stages which followed the "disappearance" of Child Madeleine McCann by paying two very expensive lawyers; they have lied about "broken glass" and damaged shutter" of their children's bedroom window to describe the "forced entry" and this is proven. This link shows how the media reported what they told their family and friends, who have all repeated what the McCanns told them on the telephone! I think that this "detail" has been completely omitted in the Police Files.

Why have they not been tried regarding this and the Child Abandonment? A trial would also question the contradictions that anyone can so easily see between their statements and their friends'.

You have the power to arrange a Trial for these two ex Arguidos who have insulted your Police and destroyed the business and reputation of one of your touristic towns: Praia Da Luz, while they refuse to take police orders and do a Reconstruction of the scenes!
In the Name Of A Rose and this of Justice, please act upon this outrage: try them.
Kind regards,

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