Rename Woodrow Wilson High School, Portland, OR

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For years, students and staff at Woodrow Wilson High School have raised concerns about the racist history tied to the name of SW Portland's only comprehensive high school. What message does it send to our students, especially our students of color, that they walk the halls of a building bearing the name of President Woodrow Wilson, given his racism and bigotry? Multiple articles (VoxThe Atlantic, Washington Post) have surfaced President Wilson's racist beliefs and actions, including resegregating the federal government and defending the KKK. We cannot afford to let this racist legacy live on.

Students have circulated paper petitions before, but it's time to organize our support for these students and add our signatures. Black students and students of color have long carried the burden of anti-racism activism, but it's time for the entire school community to join with them in bringing social justice to the school. After all, what better step can we take toward improving school climate and inclusion at this majority White high school than to remove the name of one who promoted segregation?

We, the undersigned, ask that Portland Public Schools work with students, faculty, and community members to determine a new name befitting the school, one that communicates the school's values of inclusion, diversity, and equity.