Police should be charged for misuse of authority and using excessive force on public.

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For years we have seen many cases where the UK Police Force have exercised excessive and uncalled for force when interacting with the general public. There have been countless times where we've witnessed those who swore an oath to serve and protect the diverse and vibrant communities across the UK, do more harm to them than good.

It is undeniable that those most affected either belong to the 'minorities' or the working class. There have been countless officers who have engaged in this abuse of power and haven't had to suffer the consequences. The judicial system protected the wrongdoer rather than doing what it claims to do - deal justice.

This has led to both division and friction between the police and minorities as we have seen a lack of accountability when it comes to this issue. How can we, the people, feel safe when those who have sworn to protect us, do us harm? We can no longer call on 'good' officers to speak up on our behalf or hold their colleagues accountable so we are calling for the law to do it.

I propose that where an arresting officer and their accompanying colleagues have been found to use excessive force during an arrest, property search, stop and search or other, they must be dismissed and charged with the correct level of harm including but not limited to Battery/ABH/GBH/Homicide/Manslaughter etc.

When lives are in the balance, the punishment for misconduct must be swift, but, it has not been and we the people, the minorities and working class, have suffered the consequences. No more.

Please sign this petition so that the government and judicial system do what they are there to do - serve the people to the degree where they police themselves so that trust is literally rebuilt into society.