Justice for Bud- cruel students lit up fire crackers in his mouth!

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This is the sad and shocking story of Bud, a stray dog with a fate no one deserves. Bud was found with severe injuries near the campus university in the municipality of Cascavel, in the state of Parana, Brazil.

A group of students placed fireworks in the dog’s mouth and lit them up. After this, they ran away and left the dog to suffer in tremendous pain. After a few hours of extreme suffering, the docile pooch was finally discovered. He had blood dripping from all over his mouth and was visibly in distress.
His rescuers wrapped him up and took Bud to the hospital. He is now in the safe hands of Dr. Carlos of the Honjo Medical Clinic.

Bud has a fractured jaw and has lost a lot of blood. His condition is severe, but doctors are confident the pooch will be able to recover. Rescuers claim Bud is as gentle as a dog cannot explain the actions of the attackers.

In the meantime, there is no indication on who can have carried out this despicable act. The students behind this are still out there, free to abuse more animals at anytime.

Please support justice for Bud. The perpetrators of this sick, cowardly act must be brought to justice at all costs. What they did is completely unacceptable and definitely must be held accountable!

Do not turn your back on this helpless animal. Demand justice by signing and sharing this petition now!

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