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The problem is, the candidates making promises at the time of election campaigning  and in manifesto are just forgotten immediately afterwards in most of the cases.


Friends, it is high time, we look at the promises made by the candidates at the time of election campaigning. Most of the promises are made just to attract the voters and get elected. Once they get elected, they mostly forget what they have promised or what they have declared in their manifesto.

I think, some changes are required to be incorporated in this system.  Following are some of them I can think of.

1)      The candidate has to give yearwise planning of what he wants or planning to accomplish  in his/her tenure of 5 years to come.

2)      There should be an independant body(apolitical, on state level as well on national level), which will evaluate the accomplishments by the elected candidates at the end of every year and rate him/her as per the percentage of accomplishments against the promises made for that year and publish the same in regional News papers in case of MLA and national and regional News papers in case of MP’s.

3)      This is to be done for every year, till the fourth year end. At the end or some time before the end of fifth year, the evaluation for that year as well for the total period has to be established by the body and to be published in the News papers as mentioned in the point 2.    

4)      This will give the correct picture of the candidate and the Party, to the public, which will help the public to decide whether to elect the same candidate again if he/she gets the ticket again.

5)      This will also keep a check on candidate and the party to which the candidate belongs to.

6)      In between the tenure, if a candidate or candidates decide to change the party and jump to another party, their status has to be changed and they should get elected again from the new party ticket and THEY SHOULD BEAR THE EXPENSES OF THE REELECTION. At least they should be compelled to share the expenses by more than half.  

7)      There should be a rule that the new party should not give the new entrants any post in the party or the position in the ministry at least for four/five years.

8)      Once cinvicted and jailed, should never be allowed to enter any of the Assembly/Rajya Sabha or Parliament. They should never be allowed to contest any of the elections.

9)      There should be a provision to call back an elected member(non-performing or for any reason the public find him/her not worthy).

10)  The mud slinging at other person/parties should be totally banned. Every candidate should talk only about what he/she wants to do or planning to do. They should not talk about what other person/party has not done or not bothered to do things. What matters is what is the condition today.

11)  Special commandos are to be stationed inside the Assembly houses and Rajya sabha and Parliament to maintain the peace and decorum of the house. They should see that the members will not do anything destructive or plunge at other members or enter the well of the house to threaten speaker or any body in the house or indulge in physical fighting. The commandos can stop the members and in some cases depending on the severity, take them out of the house, who have intended to indulge in such activities. The losses due to destructive activities made by the members have to be recovered from the members involved.

Always the priority should be given to the development of the country first, then other things can take place. Developments which can make a difference to the large percentage of the countrymen at the National level and local level.

This will make a good change in our politcal scenario, and help to elect good candidates and run the country with good governance. Hopefully MLA’s and MP’s will keep themselves busy in the development work with these rules in effect rather than spending time in playing politics.

Personal story
I am Jairaj Bhajak, a citizen of India, aged 68(a senior citizen). Fed up of the gimmicks and politics being played by the politicians all the time.