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Stop Plymouth from taking refugees from the ISIS crisis

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 We all would like to help the refugee crisis but Plymouth can not help as we do not have the social housing to deal with our own people and our city has been plunged into debt already by our Labour council.

 Nigel Farage in the past told the Government and Labour MP's to take in Syrian refugees, they failed to listen and now the situation has grown out of hand. ISIS has said it HAS planted troops inside the fleeing refugees and they over the next few years will attack mainland Europe.

 We want to see the refugee's have help in Turkey or Syria and we will help, but this is not the way! The first rule of Government is to protect it's people and letting anyone into the country is failing that rule.

 Where is the UN? why has the UN not put troop's on the ground to protect the refugees? Why do we pay the UN so much every year if they fail to act?

 The refugees are refugees when they land in the FIRST safe country they come across afterwards they become economic migrant's.  

 The refugee's have not been checked for link's with ISIS & this put's our own kid's in danger of terrorist act's.

 Stop the refugee's from entering Plymouth and help them where they are now as Plymouth has not got the infrastructure to deal with a influx of a massive amount of people.

 PCC Labour find it hard to run a traffic system in the City of Plymouth, our own people are on 5-7 year waiting lists for social housing, job prospects are not good in Plymouth due to a lack of investment caused by poor travel links, such as no Airport, Bad slow rail and no M road. 

 Our Government pay the EU around 62 Million pound's per day, they spend around 3 Billion pound's per year on Health tourist and they spend 12 billion per year on overseas aid, BUT THEY CAN NOT afford the cancer drugs our own people need by the NHS for our own people.

 We want to help BUT this is NOT the way, if we take the refugees (Economic migrants) there are around 8 million to follow.

 We need to remove ISIS under the control of the UN or NATO, create safe zones for the people, make sure they have protection, food, water, medical help, tools and materials to re build their own country. While this is going on the UN and NATO must put an end to ISIS and all western world country's MUST crack down on ISIS support and rid our own country's of the extremist that are breeding on our own door step. 

 If we do nothing we will AID the growth of terror but if we do the wrong thing we will put our own at risk.

Do what is right and force our leaders to help the refugees BUT to help in the right way.

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