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우리는 애프터스쿨 의 컴백을 기다린다/We wait for the comeback of After School

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We are V-playgirlz and playboyz from Vietnam. We are officially progressing a campaign of collecting 5000 signatures from global playgirl and playboyz to demand Pledis to let After School comeback.

Our After School is a perfect girlgroup with talented, gorgeous and full-of-effort girls. They created a lot of adorable and difficult choreography that not many girlgroups can cover or follow such as tapping dance in Let's Step Up, drum dance in Let's Do It and especially pole dance in First love. Their music is highly evaluated with high quality.

However, in the Korean music market where obviously their home, they have not released any music products for more than 4 years. We must have remembered the failure of using 3000 signatures to ask Pledis for letting After School comeback in 2016. However, we who are on behalf of V-playgirlz and playboyz and calling for 5000 signatures at this time, have enough basis to make sure that we will succeed.

In 2015, it was unforgettable that while retweeting with fans, Lizzy confessed that Pledis did not have enough money to let them comeback. But now, things have changed. Other groups in the same company have gained high profit for Pledis from their albums and tours which can be seen through recent album sales of Nu'est W, Seventeen, and Pristin) and improved the financial situation of the company significantly. In addition to the financial sector, Pledis artists have increasingly proved and spreaded their brands in not only Korean but worldwide music industry as well. Seventeen has not debuted in Japan yet, but they get ranked No. 1 on the Japanese music chart with Don't Wanna Cry, Nu'est starts to gain their position again after Produce 101. Prisrin is known as the successful rookie with rank No.6 on Billboard worldwide music chart for the second min album. It is not redundant to mention about all the awards Pledis groups receiving in recent ceremonies such as AAA and MAMA)

Dear playgirlz/ playboyz! We are sure that you never forget all the hard work and effort of After School. To bring out the products, our girls have been through a lot of hardships, especially the wounds. You may still remember the time when Lizzy practised for “First Love”, she was seriously injured, unable to comeback with the group. Not just Lizzy, the rest of After School also have a lot of wounds compared to other girlgroup members. They sacrificed their youth for all best performances and get nothing but wounds. Is it worthy? Of course not, they deserve better, to be successful and honored.

Because of that, we as the playgirlz and playboyz have to make a move. Together, we must sign and show our attitudes clearly. We need to gather 5000 signatures to make Pledis Entetainment understand our desire for After School to comeback. It is not only fans’ wish but the girls’ as well. They want to stand on stage, show their talents through amazing performances and meet playgirlz and playboyz.

We all together can believe that: After School’s comeback stage is very close.
To all the playgirlz and playboyz, let’s take action!
Let’s sign and show our determination!


Ps: We apologize for not being able to write it in Korean /한국어로 글을 쓸 수 없다는 것에 사과드립니다.



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