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Reimplementation of the Fairness Doctrine to include Truth in Journalism & accountability

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Since the abolishment of the Fairness Doctrine in 1987 and any supporting laws that demand Truth In Journalism, it has been the root cause of division in this country. The absence of such has become an increasing reason for the spread of misinformation and the sole birth of "Fake News." 

We also believe that establishing or reinstating such laws would force all levels of our nation's politicians to be held to a higher standard and provide citizens with accurate and factual information regarding those we elect to represent us.

We would insist that all televised, published (internet and newspaper,) and radio be held to such standards. Any of these outlets reporting as news must be registered as a legitimate news source and must report fairly and factually. As not to infringe on First Amendment rights, these outlets would also have freedom to do "Opinion" pieces, but only when accompanied with a disclaimer stating that those opinions are simply opinions and personal discussions and do not represent the Station or Outlet as a whole.

For media and networks who wish to continue to operate in a tabloidesque manner, they should be required, by law, to register as an Entertainment network or Entertainment media source. This will allow the nation to know with certainty, where to obtain reliable information. The FCC should keep an updated record of such and made freely available to the public.

Furthermore, no single media source should be allowed to be politically biased, swayed, operated or advertised as such. If they are held to Truth in Journalism laws, the public will be better informed, especially regarding the choices we make as voters. I think we can ALL agree, no matter Republican, Democratic or Independent; none of us care to repeat instances from this past election cycle with the slanderous statements, finger pointing, heated hatred and division this past year alone has contributed to.

Having any public statements made by the media and our political representatives, made to be held legally liable for their actions, would prevent a repeat of this unprecedented horror, and assure this higher standard of behavior and display to become what is naturally expected by those who speak for us, inform us and represent us.

I hope that each government representative receiving this petition will regard it with the seriousness and urgency it deserves. I hope in doing so, you will agree to be held to the standards that We The People believed when we elected you, and for the peace of mind for us and generations to come.

With the increase in complaints from our President regarding the media's unfair reporting, and again, "fake news," we would like to assure the public that this is no longer an acceptable standard for reporting news. The people in this country deserve to be correctly educated, without bias, on the important issues and events that occur in our communities, our country and the world.

Thank you for acting on this, and not just taking it into consideration.


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