Please stop sexism in job hunting industry and respect diversity!

Please stop sexism in job hunting industry and respect diversity!

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発信者:SSS (Smash Shukatsu Sexism) 宛先:Mynavi Corporation

Some of you may have the experience of doing some research about what to wear for job-hunting in Japan. If so, you might have come across those pictures of monotonous black suits labeled as "for men" and "for women". If you look closer, you might be surprised to see that they all come with the same types of shoes and bags. You might think, what 's going on? Do we all need to dress like this? Do we not have any other choices?

In this petition, we want to say NO to companies and educational institutes who are spreading this outdated, uniform job-hunting fashion which is based on gender binary theory.


Our demand

1. Please stop introducing fashions and manners based on gender binary theory and start introducing more diverse fashions.

More and more people are getting to know what gender identity is, and also the fact that it's not limited to men-women.
However, almost all manuals and flyers printed and posted on the internet by recruitment consulting companies, suit companies, and educational institutes are strictly based on gender binary theory of men-women when they introduce how to dress and and behave when job hunting, which make student jobseekers feel only those two genders are supposed to exist in this society.

It doesn't only make some students not able to perform with their full potential, but also deprives them of their identity. Some of our petition members have suffered from it and actually gave up job hunting.

2. Please stop publishing gender-biased information and imposing biased manners. It could be considered gender discrimination or oppression.

Instructions for job hunting say that it's rude for women not to put on makeup, women should wear skirts rather than pants, and women shouldn't wear rings on their ring fingers. Also they take it for granted that all women wear pantyhose and heels. When we buy shoes for job hunting, suit companies make it look like heels are the only choice for women to wear.

For men, lots of instructions tell only men to go job hunting with black hair, black bags and black shoes. Also they tell men to cut their hair short and shave their faces. Some instructions are based on an idea such as "Men should be strong", "Men should aim to become executives". Please stop imposing gender roles calling them manners while there is no rational basis.


For businesses related to job hunting, please do not impose what you think is right, but try to provide as many suggestions as possible, respecting students' full potential.

For employers, please make announcements telling student jobseekers that they don't need to wear all-black suits including items based on gender bias.

For educational institutes (including cooperative stores), obviously, educational institutes are there for students and they should respect students' diversity. They should be at the front regarding human rights. Despite that, there's a tragic fact that various sections of educational institutes are instructing their students to wear stereotyped coordinates through flyers, pamphlets, seminars, etc. Please think about how you could respect the students and what would truly benefit them.

For student job hunters, we guess there are many of you that have no choice but to oppress and put yourselves into this social code. Some of you may have lost your identities, some might be lost in a fog. If you also question the norm like us, why don't you unite with us and share your thoughts with #就活セクシズム (Shukatsu Sexism) hashtag? But of course, anyone can break this curse, stand strong and go choose your employers, not just be the one chosen by employers. You have the right to dress as you feel comfortable and plan your career, including the styles provided currently.

YES to diversity, NO to gender discrimination. Let's unite and make a better future!

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