HELMETS SHOULD PROTECT YOUR HEAD! Helmet & quad regulations needed for holiday makers.

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Thank you for taking the time to look at my petition. My 21 year old daughter Amarna Carthy was killed tragically on a quad bike in Turkey on the 24th of May 2016. She was travelling on the back of a quad driven by my sister Jakadi (left) who was also injured. Both Amarna and Jakadi had helmets on, as you can see in the picture taken of them on the day our beautiful Amarna died. Here you can also see that the 'legally acceptable' helmets issued, are totally inadequate.

Amarna died from catastrophic head injuries and her helmet was collected from the scene, in pieces. This should never have happened. We would like to change this situation, so another family doesn't have to suffer this awful loss and fly their loved one home the way we did.

As quad bikes and off road vehicles become more and more popular on holiday and for recreation, we feel compulsory crash helmet regulations, need to be in place so no more lives are wasted like our beautiful girl. We would also like to push for a full drivers licence requirement when renting a quad, rather than the provisional that is now in place, reflecting the seriousness and power of these vehicles.

Currently it is only a legal requirement that a person "carries" a helmet on a quad or bike in Turkey, but not actually wear one. There are also no legal requirements for companies to carry out regular safety checks to ensure these vehicles are road worthy. There are no specific requirements regarding the quality of the helmets issued along with a rented bike, or quad and issuing a helmet is not compulsory. As you are probably aware. This unfortunately happens in many other countries too.

THIS ALL NEEDS TO CHANGE. Holiday makers driving unaware that they have poor quality helmets on their heads is NOT acceptable. Together we can make this a priority around the world and by doing this.. Save lives. The law needs to be a protection to holiday makers who just assume the equipment they are handed is safe. Please help us change this situation for the better, by signing and sharing our story with others and hopefully forcing better helmet safety laws around the globe! #missingmarna

Please share to help raise awareness with our young ones. For more information or to support further please visit: www.missingmarna.co.uk 

To find out more about what happened please watch our short documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKFy1ATpO34

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Kindest regards, Tashaka Baumber and family.