Please, help to reopen Colin Madsen’s case for investigation on his murder in Buryatia

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To the Influencers and Higher Powers of the American Government,

On behalf of the family of Colin Madsen, we appeal to you seeking justice for Colin, who was an American student that died under suspicious circumstances while on a hiking trip in Arshan, Russia in the spring of 2016.

Colin went missing the night before a planned hike with his friends in Arshan, an area he was well familiar with on March 27, 2016 – his body was discovered 8 days later less than 2 miles from where he was staying in Arshan. The initial investigation conducted by Russian authorities ruled the cause of death to be hypothermia, and hastily closed Colin’s case in Russia. However, the results of an investigation performed by a reputable independent forensics service in the United States concluded with evidence and proof beyond reasonable doubt that Colin did not die of hypothermia and possibly did not die where he was found. Additionally, more inconsistencies between the American investigation and Russian investigation were found and can be provided. The experts of the American investigation suggested that cause of death indicated by the evidence was homicide.

From the beginning of this unimaginable tragedy, Colin’s family had to endure the uncooperative Russian police, who faltered in launching a proper search for Colin as they spent more time making accusations and baseless judgments than searching for Colin. Additionally, Colin’s mother, Dana Calcutt, was only able to retrieve the Russian autopsy, toxicology reports, and crime-scene photos by traveling back to Arshan three months after her son’s death. To this day, Dana continues to face great adversity in seeking justice for the death of Colin and would like your help in the following:

·         Put pressure on the Russian authorities to reopen Colin’s case for investigation and change the official cause of death to “homicide”; the full report conducted by the Independent Forensics Services can be provided.

·         Aid in the return of ALL the evidence initially collected by the Russian police; evidence withheld consists of the CCTV footage from the city of Arshan, autopsy photos, tissue samples, and more.

·         Legislation needs to be put in place to aid families of victims of violent crimes abroad, as better protocol needs to be put in place. We must be able to obtain justice in Russia.

Colin Madsen was a person enamored by the world which he was born into. He often found himself at peace among the natural beauty of the earth. He also found deep love and passion for many countries and cultures and thrived on immersing himself in them. He held the utmost respect for people and saw nothing but the good within them, and deeply valued his friends and family. He was not inhibited by fear and had the courage to always be himself.

We cannot allow what happened to Colin and other victims like him to be swept out of sight or ignored. We cannot allow ourselves to be bullied by corruption or fall into apathy because of fear. Together we unite in solidarity to support Dana Calcutt’s efforts in seeking justice for her son, and hope you, too, will have the courage to help.

Thank you.

Link to Colin’s story in more detail (Radio Free Europe):