Pizza Express: Say no to cages in Indonesia!

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Did you know that the British-based company Pizza Express is using lower animal welfare standards and supporting animal cruelty abroad? Pizza Express adopted a cage-free egg commitment covering all their locations in the UK in 2016, but they haven’t yet announced the same commitment for their subsidiary in Indonesia. It’s time to demand the same policy for Indonesia. Animals and consumers in Indonesia don't deserve less!

The facts

  • More than 150 million hens are confined in small cages for their entire lives to produce eggs in Indonesia. 
  • Conventional battery cages are so cruel that they have been banned in the UK since 2012. 
  • The biggest study conducted on this topic shows that these cages are jeopardizing food security since farms with cages present a higher risk of being contaminated with salmonella compared to cage-free farms. 

Cages not only affect our health, but they are also considered one of the cruelest systems for animal production in the world. 

Imagine birds forced to live in a tiny and crowded cage, without space to move freely or even fully open their wings–that’s the reality for many hens producing eggs for Pizza Express. They lose their feathers due to the contact with the metal bars and can develop painful bone diseases due to the lack of movement.

It is sad to see that Pizza Express does not have the same concern for animals and customers in Indonesia as they do in the UK. 

Join us in asking Pizza Express to adopt a cage-free egg policy for Indonesia. Sign this petition and share it! Together, we can demand more ethical and unified standards from Pizza Express!

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