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To Pierrot Studios and Hakusensha,

Ever since I came to know about "Akatsuki no Yona", the story create by Kusanagi Mizuho, I understood how special it is.

And full story deserves to be adapt to an anime.

There aren't that many Shoujo Mangas with this quality or with the sales values it has been having. As well amoung of popularity.

Dedication of the fans shows throw buying DVDS and mangas volumes, watching it on digital platorms, fanfics, influencing people to support it or telling them about the story, drawings, doujinshi, creating a online magazine with fan work, videos... All in the hope the manga gets attention and care it deserves.

The manga is already known globally. And translations has been helping a lot! - with having volumes in Japanese, Korean, French, English, Germany, Spanish...

(I do wished some volumes didn't take the time it takes in some translations, specially when it could help bust a lot more sales and control piracy)

I don't think first strategy use to broadcast first season of anime was the best, but it doesn't take excellence of the first season of the anime and OVA's. It's brilliant! - the effects, animation, action, voice actors, sound, production... - all thanks to Studios Pierrot, Hakusensha and sensei. (And I am not only one saying it)

I am hoping we can have more seasons of this brilliantly story, Akatsuki No Yona.

Thank you.