The INVESTIGATION & PROSECUTION of Philadelphia's entire DHS & Family Court System!!!!!!!!

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    We are urging for a full investigation and prosecution into The City of Philadelphia's Department of Human Services, The Philadelphia Family Court System, The Philadelphia City Solicitor's Office, The Philadelphia's Public Defenders Association's Child Advocate Department & all the Philadelphia Community Umbrella Agencies. Many families are now coming forward, speaking out & protesting about the unethical removal of their children with no physical evidence due to false allegations, falsified reports, fabricated/twisted stories, violations of one's constitutional rights & violations of court orders.  Families are not permitted to submit evidence against the allegations brought against them by DHS & witnesses that show up to court for the families defense are being thrown out of court & denied a right to speak up on behalf of the families. Children are being forced into foster/group homes where they are being neglected, abused, raped & murdered even after family members have come forward to care for these children. When children that are in state care report being neglected, abused and/or raped the children's allegations are being ignored, unreported & uninvestigated. Children are forced to remain silent even when they would like to speak up & be heard.  Families are being forced to complete objectives through DHS funded/contracted programs and/or treatment facilities only, leaving families at times with inaccurate results/reports.

    The fact that a single caseworker can come into a families home & remove their children based on, most of the time, their very own biased decision without any evidence is absolutely unethical.  Then the fact that this same caseworker, along side of the City Solicitors & Child Advocates can go into court with falsified reports & blatantly lie under oath without being held legally/criminally accountable is  absolutely unconstitutional.  If a civilian was to lie under oath in court, falsify legal documents, violate court orders, violate another person's constitutional rights or  kidnap a child, putting them in harm's way that civilian would face criminal charges, fines & restitutions as well as possible jail time but yet judges, caseworkers & lawyers get away with doing it every single day.  Since standing up, speaking out & fighting back parents are now being threatened in family court that if they are at anymore protests, speak to anymore reporters or if they call & file any complaints against anyone involved with their case they will NEVER get their children back.

   These agencies claim to be "working together to strengthen children & families," but in reality all they are doing is tearing families apart & destroying them. It is a known fact that placing children in foster care/group homes is much more profitable. There has been cases in which children were removed from their homes & placed in homes of people who are drug addicts/alcoholics, people whom have criminal backgrounds and/or active warrants, people whom have long histories of mental illnesses or people whom have already lost custody of their own child/children in another state. These agencies claim to be working in "the best interest of the child/children," but since when is parental alienation "the best interest of the child?"

    There has been numerous news articles written by an investigative reporter who has wrote about the history of parents due process rights being violated by Philadelphia Family Court Judge Lyris F. Younge.  In recent weeks, the Philadelphia Family Court had petitioned to remove Judge Younge permanently from the family court bench, she has been temporarily reassigned to the criminal courts trial division, but the investigation into her misconduct is still ongoing.  What we need remember is that this didn't start with Judge Younge & it most definitely don't end with Judge Younge, she was just apart of a much more monumental problem. 

    The day has come where DHS workers, CUA workers, City Solicitors, Child Advocates & Judges need to start being held accountable for their misconduct & unethical actions.  Please help the many children & families that are currently suffering due to all the lies & violations that have destroyed their families. 








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