Dont let Atco Raceway die!

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Atco Dragway has been a second home to southern New Jersey car enthusiasts for the past 60 years. Holding massive events like "import vs domestic", "Pan American Nationals", or "Hot Rod Drag Week". The track has been known to draw crowds of thousands. Even their "test n tune" events bring a sizable amount of people to the facility. I personally have been to Atco Dragway more times than i can remember. Spectators and racers alike come from all over the tristate area. I vividly remember being at an event, and seeing Canadian licence plates among the cars parked in the show. History has been made, and records have been broken. As of recently the property has been sold, and the buyer is contacting the New Jersey Pineland's commission attempting to "change the use" of the race track to a storage facility, and auction site. This race track is a staple of southern New Jersey. I urge those who have been, or even know somebody who has been to atco to sign so we can let the Pinelands commission know just how much the dragstrip means to us! After Englishtown's raceway park dragstrip was closed down nearly two years ago, atco is all that we have left. Don't let it get turned into a parking lot! The track holds immeasurable value to the local community. It would be an honest shame to see such an amazing facility go to waste.