We demand modern contraceptives for women to be approved in Japan #Nandenaino

We demand modern contraceptives for women to be approved in Japan #Nandenaino

43,675 人が賛同しました。もう少しで 50,000 人に到達します!
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日本語版(Japanese Petition)

As most of you might have already known, modern contraception has varieties of an option today like oral contraception, IUD, injections, implants, and virginal rings. They are the ones women can use and have a higher success rate. These contraceptives are even on the Model List of Essential Medicines published by WHO and used all over the world.

However, there is a country where many of these women-centered contraceptives are not approved to use; Japan.

I came to know all methods and the gap between Japan and other parts of the world when I was studying abroad in Sweden. In front of a whole range of contraception, I felt I could deeply think about my body and future with solid ideas for the first time in my life.

At the same time, I realized many women in Japan have been taken a precious choice and moment away to live their own life with their own decision. As a result, we see a number of unintended pregnancy or infertility.

To change the situation and ensure Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Japan, I started ‘#nandenaino project’ in 2018.

In Japan, we see 610,000 unplanned pregnancies annually while about one-third of child abuse deaths can be rooted in unintended pregnancy. In addition, about 160,000 abortions are performed annually -about 450 a day- if we look at teens particularly, about 40 abortions are undergone every day. Japan does not approve an oral abortion pill too, so they have to go through surgery even with early abortion, which can lead to infertility. And if they are students, about a third of them drop out of school because of pregnancy. To protect women’s physical and mental health, changing this situation should be an urgent issue in Japanese society.

Japan was the last country in the United Nations to approve oral contraception in 1999, although oral contraception had been widely used in the whole world since the 1970s.

it may again take decades for the contraceptive option which this petition seeks to be brought to the women living in Japan. However, A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Won’t you take a step together to change our future?

[What we want to achieve with this petition]

The following modern contraceptive methods to be approved and provided at affordable prices especially to young people in Japan. 

・ Contraceptive injectable
・ Contraceptive implants
・ Contraceptive vaginal ring
・Contraceptive patch
・ Uripristal (Ella one)
・ Skyla, an IUS smaller than Mirena which is approved in Japan

・ We also request that comprehensive sexuality education will be enhanced in accordance with International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education (UNESCO).

By approving more reliable contraception for women in Japan, we seek to achieve a society where tragic incidents like child abuse and a baby being left in a coin locker can be reduced, as well as women can build a family and career while feeling safe, and protected. A society where women are truly empowered and able to lead the best life possible with sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Founder of #Nandenaino project, Kazuko Fukuda
Pilcon Board Chairperson, Asuka Someya

43,675 人が賛同しました。もう少しで 50,000 人に到達します!