UKRAINE, don't KILL stray dogs for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017!

UKRAINE, don't KILL stray dogs for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017!

18. Juni 2016
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Petro Poroschenko (President of Ukraine) und an 4 mehr
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Gestartet von Lia Kim
Edit: We want to PREVENT the killing! I am NOT saying dogs are killed for this cause right NOW! But everybody should be aware of that things like this happened before and are maybe going to happen again in 2017! The UEFA EURO 2012 took place in Ukraine and for cleaning the streets for tourists thousands of street dogs were brutally murdered, even dogs who were castrated by animal rights activists, where hung, beaten to DEATH, poisened, BURNED ALIVE or shot. Many stray dogs starved in "dog shelters" without any food. This all happened because Ukraine wanted to keep the streets clean for tourists who came for watching football/soccer live. Next year 2017, europes biggest music competition and show, the EUROVISION SONG CONTEST, takes place in the Ukraine. It is possible and will probably come true, that for the ESC the Ukraine will do the same: helpless dogs from the street would be painfully murdered only for "clean" streets and so other countries will have a good impression. This also happened in AZERBAIJAN 2012, when Azerbaijan hold the ESC 2012. Animals were killed inhuman. A MUSIC SHOW, which stands for COHESION, LOVE and PEACE, for Europe (and actually the world) COMING TOGETHER, can not be compatible with the MASS-KILLING of helpless animals, who didn't do anything except living on the streets. If our guess comes true, many animal-lovers, people with hearts will consider NOT to buy a flight to the Ukraine and a ticket for the Grand Final of the ESC. Since there are many people in european countries (and also participating country AUSTRALIA) who keep dogs as their pets, as their friends, they won't have a GOOD impression of the Ukraine, It would put the country a bad image, infront of the whole world. Also the kind and happy image of the song Contest would be completely destroyed. The winning song from Ukraine in the ESC 2016, "1944" from the singer "JAMALA" tells about the kidnipping and murder of people. She sang that "they kill you all and say 'we're not guilty'", "where is your heart?" "Humanity cries". Such a powerful song appealed to HUMANITY, FREEDOM and LOVE! A country who won Europes biggest music event shouldn't show the oposite, but should show that in they have a HEART! Since the horrible killing of the dogs in 2012 PEOPLE KNOW about what will happened. We are aware! It would come to HUGE RESISTANCE againt these cruel acts. We can find better, PEACEFUL solutions and can reduce the number of stray dogs in a GOOD way with the help of voluntary animal rights acitivists and many other people. Castration is a peaceful and kind way to solve this problem. A modern, animal-friendly country will bring much more visitors than a country, which kills animals just for tourism and gets plenty of critism. Please don't kill "mens best friend", the dog, just for a an event because they were born on the streets, it is not there fault. Please show that you have a HEART. I am looking forward to find someone who can translate this text to Ukrainian!

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Diese Petition hat 21.367 Unterschriften erreicht

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  • Petro PoroschenkoPresident of Ukraine
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  • Jamala Ukrainian winner of the ESC 2016
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