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Hilarious: Rudy Ancuna accuses Prof R.O. Lopez of working for CIA

Monica Shelley
United Kingdom

Apr 25, 2016 — As a follow-up to his recent round-robin E-mail abusing Prof Lopez to the entire English department of California State University at Northridge, Rudy Ancuna has circulated a second message claiming that Prof Lopez is a CIA agent.
This is truly full-blown nutcase conspiracy theory.
NB It is supposed to be good academic practice to avoid creating a "hostile working atmosphere". If you think that Rudy Ancuna is creating such a hostile atmosphere, then please draw this to the attention of senior faculty and the media.
This is the latest mass email sent by Prof. Rudy Acuña:

"This why I respond. Received email.
My understanding of Bobby Lopez when I was there in the English department was that he was mostly suspected of being a CIA operative who once held a campus event where he invited and hosted the CIA for recruitment purposes. I figure everyone is already aware of the guy's background and history over there but just in case, I thought I should pass that along as well. Professor Rick Mitchell is a good point of reference who has been dealing with Lopez and his government backed agitation in the department for years.
from "Ruben Mendoza""


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