Public Data Base on Convicted Sex Offenders and Paedophiles

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As it stands, Queensland has some of the toughest laws when it comes to the privacy of Sex Offenders and Paedophiles. Personally, I believe there is something seriously wrong with the justice system IF we aren't prosecuting these criminals with jail time and then continuing to protect their privacy and identity from the public. 

It astounds me, that we have the highest rate of sexual offences in Australia. In the last year alone, 522 girls aged between 0 and 14 were either sexually assaulted or raped. Of those 522, 50% of the children KNEW the offender.

If there was a public register, maybe parents could protect their children from interacting with these people, which in turn would stop re-offending..


We, the undersigned, petition the Queensland Government to provide an online database listing convicted sex offenders and paedophiles with mention to re-offenders and violent ones along with the areas they reside throughout Queensland. 

Personal story

It is an expectation of each individual to maintain and promote a safe environment for all children and for those who are unable to defend themselves. It should be an obligation of our government to provide reasonable information that will benefit those of us who are caring for our future, those who are our children. Over 50% of all child sex offenders are known to the family and child. We live with these people every day, it could be the Dad at the park or the Old Lady on the corner. We have no way of accessing information on convicted offenders in the areas we live in, which I think is appalling! How can we protect our own children when the government is protecting perpetrators? 

In achieving a safe environment it should be expected that our government make freely available a database listing convicted sex offenders and paedophiles. It should be without hesitation that such a database be available not just to a select few but to the whole of Queensland.

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