Pets at Home, STOP selling rabbits altogether!

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Every year Pets at Home announce they suspend the sale and adoption of rabbits over Easter, whilst they organise ‘fun and free’ workshops for kids to interact with rabbits in their stores.

In 2018, Pets at Home also took advantage of the release of the Peter Rabbit film to launch a massive national promotion of their workshops in cinemas, on billboards, children TV, and other social media. 

Those events took place in over 440 stores and for three weeks, giving ideas to thousands of children.

One of the main reasons why rabbits end up in rescue centre is because the kids have lost interest.

Rescue centres also regularly pick up the pieces of Pets at Home common mistakes (mis-sexing of the rabbits / unwanted litters) wrong or lack of advice (unneutered males sold together resulting in serious injuries), sick rabbits (infections / pasteurella), rabbits with teeth problems, aggressive rabbits due to having been kept in stressful cramped conditions in the store, unneutered / unvaccinated rabbits and rabbits suffering from terrible neglect due to having been sold to the wrong people, or with unsuitable accommodation.

Despite stating they stop the sale of rabbits at Easter, Pets at Home still sells rabbits in the form of a voucher so the bunny can be collected on the Tuesday.

Pets at Home still supports the breeding and selling of rabbits whilst thousands are sitting in rescue centres, many of which were bought from Pets at Home.

Pets at Home needs to realise that they are contributing a great deal to rabbit suffering and stop selling rabbits altogether.

Pets at Home claims they put pets before profit. They need to prove it!

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‘Pets at Home Bunnies, Victims of the Pet Trade’

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