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Harmful pesticides are sprayed in public spaces including children's playgrounds, parks and roadways by Pembrokeshire County Council.
This petition is based on stopping use in public spaces by the council and hopefully raising public awareness of the subject.

Pesticide use is dangerous to public health,  and is linked to many health problems in humans including cancer risk, developmental and neurological disorders.

Alternatives to using these dangerous chemicals in public spaces do exist , and many towns and cities in U.K. and internationally are now pesticide free, choosing to use biodegradable, organic and non-toxic systems such as hot water spray and foam technology.
Pembrokeshire County Council have been made aware of the risks and alternatives, and have recently explained that they will continue to use pesticides called "glyphosate based herbicides" at this time.

Glyphosate has been classified as Group 2A carcinogen (probable cause of cancer) by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, since 2015.
A California court last month ordered Monsanto, the company that makes the weedkiller, to pay 270 million dollars to a school grounds keeper because he got cancer from spraying it.
This is the same weedkiller that Pembrokeshire County Council employees are spraying in playgrounds and public spaces, and its used in schools and sports fields, golf courses, crickets pitches, etc.

The only reasonable option for health and safety is to end herbicide use. Continuing to use synthetic chemicals in public spaces is not safe or fair on the public. Glyphosate based herbicides present a serious risk to the well being of people, wildlife and environment.

Please sign this petition and share it with anyone you know.
No donation is required, just share this petition. This is for the benefit of the people, wildlife and overall environment of Pembrokeshire, and future generations.
We can help to set a positive example by choosing to say no to pesticides in towns, parks and playgrounds.

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