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Save our wild mustangs and burros

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Our heritage is under attack.  Mustangs and Burros are protected under the 'Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971', right?  WRONG!  The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) was tasked with enforcing the act and protecting these wonderful animals.  In reality, what they are doing will bring these animals close to extinction.  

The BLM conducts regular round ups under the guise of "the land cannot support the current numbers of horses and burros".   Interesting fact about that.  Somehow that same land CAN support cattle owned by cattle ranchers. It's not hard to follow the money trail here.  Cattle ranchers are dictating what happens to our "protected" horses and burros.  

What has been proposed by the BLM advisory board (to do away with the problem) is to euthanize or sell to anyone (slaughter houses not excluded) all horses and burros currently in holding facilities (appx 20,000!!!)

There IS a solution, however, to end the miserable existence of the animals currently in holding facilities. There is a wonderful woman by the name of Madelyn Pickens who, with her dedication and personal assets, purchased hundreds of thousands of acres of land for the sole purpose of rescuing these animals and giving them a safe place to live out their lives.  

Ms Pickens has asked the BLM to turn the horses in holding over to her.  The BLM refused her request.  Correction, the BLM agreed on the condition that she turn over water rights to?  Yep, the cattle ranchers.  

So, the BLM would rather kill these animals than to let Ms Pickens adopt them.  

Please stand with me and reach out to your congressmen, senators, representatives and demand the BLM cease all round ups and allow Ms Pickens to adopt the animals currently in holding. 

Thank you so much

Roberta Kelly, concerned citizen and mustang owner

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