STOP the selling of bunnies on Easter

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Every year on Easter, thousands of bunnies are bought as gifts to children and are later abandoned because of lack of education on the animal. 53 rabbits were rescued outside since Easter 2017 by the Red Door Shelter in Chicago. About two-thirds of rabbits rescued in Northern California are strays left to fend for themselves. In some cities, public parks and empty lots have become dumping grounds overrun with hundreds of unfixed, unwanted rabbits. Domesticated rabbits CANNOT survive outside. The Georgia House Rabbit Society get more than 500 call’s a year from owners looking to get rid of their rabbits in which the Georgia house doesn’t have enough room for. This is just a tiny amount of the shelters who have expirenced the same problem and spoke out about it. Google this issue, and hundreds more will come up. Bunny mills breed rabbits in time for Easter, and yet they’re taken from their mothers much too early and don’t survive. It was found that 95% of rabbits bought at pet stores are abandoned in shelters. 


  • Bunny’s can live more than 10 years NOT 2 or 3 
  • They CANNOT Be kept in a cage and NOT outside 
  • They are NOT low maintence or cheap, and have to receive special care. 
  • They have found to be the second most expensive animal to take care of. 
  • They have feelings like you or me and can die from depression or stress. 


Instagramer @kevincoppa went along to post his story on his rabbit- 

“Pepper Jack here was abandoned as an Easter gift. He was found weeks after the holiday, cruelly discarded in a trash bag outside in a dumpster along with other garbage. A living creature was carelessly thrown away like an inanimate object... Pepper Jack was a very lucky exception to be found and saved into a loving home. The majority do not survive the abandonment” 

I couldn’t even imagine if my rabbit was treated like that. My buns name is Lavender. He is incredibly smart and can learn tricks and can even be liter box trained. He is emotional, and can show every emotion you or me can show wether that be excitement, anger, annoyance, etc. If you couldn’t imagine your pet be abandoned the same way these rabbits do on Easter, then come with me for a change. 

This NEEDS to stop. Major stores like petland need to STOP selling bunnies around the Easter weeks or STOP selling them all together. Come with me hand in hand to make this end. If this doesn’t happen, thousands more will be abandoned and killed. Rabbits are no less important than an animal like a dog or cat. They are HIGHLY intelligent animals who are incredibly emotional and can have strong emotional bonds with their owners.