Stop Horse Racing and The Deaths at The Racetrack

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Its noted that between 600 and 800 horses are either injured or killed yearly within the industry. This practice has been able for years and years and nothing has changed except one thing. Innocent horses are dying. Horse racing in just Santa Anita alone has killed over 30 horses within close proximity THIS YEAR. Continuing to allow this awful sport is basically premeditated murder of these animals with no voice. Horses are gentle giants who deserve better lives than to be overworked and raced only to die to broken bones, minor injuries that can be cured, and more that are undisclosed and covered up. No one can deny that 30 horses have died and that is 30 too many. A famous trainer has been banned after the 30th death, but that isn't enough. I am standing to be the voice of these beautiful animals who do not deserve such a life. Help us end the suffering and deaths of these creatures. Horses have given us work, companions and love for years and years to come, and now we use them for money, entertainment and gambling. Adults bet on which horse crosses first, while some of their opponents crash to the ground before finishing. Horses are often put down right on the track underneath a tent. Animals are NOT for our entertainment. This is cruel, and something needs to be done. Help those with no voice.