Protect Emotional Support Animals under ADA (Emotional Support DOGS)

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Protect ESA under ADA

Ever since I was a child I always dreamt of having an unbreakable bond with an amazing dog. I have been lucky enough to find that perfect dog and bond and create a life I honestly never imagined. To say he has saved my life on multiple occasions is an understatement. My Charlie is more in tune with me than I am with myself. Before Charlie I lost my family dog (Kobi) to old age which hit me extremely hard, he was my best friend since I was in 5th grade. After Kobi, my family gifted me with a German Shepherd puppy (Ramsay). Ramsay was in my life for about a month before he became suddenly ill and I lost him too. I was in no way ready to open my heart again until I saw Charlie. He was and always has been meant to be. Everything happened so I can find him and so he could change my life completely. 

I have always respected and understood the need for Service Dogs and think it's absolutely an amazing thing to offer for those who need it. As for Emotional Support animals, because they're not protected under the ADA there is nothing from making the ESA rules and regulations more strict, only left to ban. I think there are absolutely other solutions rather than banning them entirely. There are PLENTY of people who have ESA's who have NOT abused the privilege and have done right by it, including Charlie & I. We traveled via aircraft, we go to stores, and public events and have never had and continue not to have any issues. We always work on socializing and obedience in public, we practice in busy settings and new settings. He also performs tasks naturally. He can sense when my stress and anxiety are more than normal and physically performs tasks such as, muzzling me (forcing me to pet him) he paws at me or he will even jump up to put his paws on my shoulder. In public I get social anxiety, when he senses it spike he rubs his head against me until I pet him which then reduces the stress. I know I'm not the only one lucky enough to experience this type of bond with their dog. We can find ways to help others out there like us who have done all the right things, but are being punished for the ones who decided they didn't want to pay for a pet fee for their peacock. 

This past Christmas my family decided to rent an AirBnB. 24 hours upon arrival the owners/host changed their minds about me bringing along my ESA Charlie and charged us an extra $2500 in order for him to come. My family, knowing 100% he is more than just my pet paid it with no hesitation. It's instances like this that should not be allowed to happen. If Emotional Support Animals were protected under the ADA, rules and regulations would have to change completely making it more strict for people to have an official ESA and making it even harder to take advantage of.

Please help those who actually need this privilege and do right by it. I've done everything in my control to do right by my ESA and I will not be sticking him in cargo when we travel and should never have to pay $2500 to ensure he spends Christmas with me. I know we are not the only ones out there who would continue to do our duties as ESA owners and to ensure the banning of them doesn't happen. This ban will effect so many lives more than most know so I'm doing what I can to make that change before it's too late. Help me weed out those who took advantage of this privilege and protect those who need it!

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