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Pets & pet owners of the Three Affiliated Tribes are in need of your help

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The Animal Control of the Three Affiliated Tribes has inconsiderately and deliberately over stepped their own protocol and procedures in their capturing of animals. They have illegally been capturing pets, removing them from their leashes knowing when owners are not home, luring them with wet food out of their closures to capture them, and failing to pick up strays who are in need of homes, shelter and food. They are capturing known pets for fines in which some are unaccounted for; for example: they have $500 fees for 3rd offenses of no leash laws which double after more offenses ($25 off reservation)(Doubling their paychecks with the same dogs)(Most receipts lost in paperwork?!), $100-$200 daily impound care fees in which the animals are kept in small cages allowed to sit in their own feces on concrete floors in an almost broken down warehouse in North Dakota weather where they are given little water and dry food and no exercise. These animals become depressed over time and when they are not adopted out because the owners cannot afford the ridiculous charges or vaccinations, they are either euthanized or taken to a land fill where they are said to be used for target practice, killed, and put into a pit according to past workers and eye witnesses who have testified in statements given to lawyers and the Tribal Court. Even with court orders many animals are not released to their owners and simply become lost with no explanation or paperwork for their owners. The Reservation is sovereign which makes the legal action much more harder to go through with, being as a case can easily get overturned by a tribal judge. I have lost my best friend, my partner in crime, my dog-son to this immoral system of judgement. I, along with others, have lost an inconsiderate amount of money to their pockets which is unaccounted for, yet still overlooked. How can we as a tribal system move towards a better understanding of our rights if we are still stuck doing this to ourselves?! We are a people and should act as such. This is wrong and it needs to be put into the light and dealt with. Please, create awareness for us, for our pets, and for our community. Please sign and share this petition <3

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