More Ethical and Humane Ways for the Meat Industry.

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The Meat Industry, as we all know, is one of the most harmful industries to our planet. It is the largest contributor to climate change, food shortages and also the most inhumane industry killing animals in the most unethical ways possible. All of us can't go vegetarian or vegan. We can't stop ourselves from consuming meat. So what can we do? I suggest forming an organization that certifies meat companies just the way we certify food stuff, agricultural products , jewellery, etc. It can also

  • Keep regular and random checks on various meat companies and their gas emissions.
  • Make sure the animals are being fed properly.
  • Make sure the meat industry uses proper euthanizing methods and not compromise on the animal's pain to save money.
  • Make sure the animals are treated lovingly and are not made to suffer before they are killed or while they are fattened.
  • Try to make certified meat the only meat present in markets.
  • Any other measure for the welfare of these poor beings dying for our plates.

We don't really need to kill the male chicks in the chicken industry, separate calves from their mothers, piglets to be smashed on the floor, etc. We have to restore humanity to the most important industry. For this to be an international movement, I'll need all the help I can get for this petition to get international attention.