Help the polar bear in USA SF zoo live in a healthy and comfortable environment

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I had studied in SF, and when I visited SF zoo, I was shocked by what I saw.  I witnessed that the polar bear in SF zoo is living in a very bad environment.  Also the polar bear is skinny and very depressed.  SF zoo put the polar bear beside the BBQ area, the smoke just goes straightly to the polar bear.  And polar bear's living area is so tiny.  I can't forget the hopeless eyes of the polar bear. So I post words here.

The polar bear deserves healthy living environment.  USA SF zoo should take the responsibility to provide healthy and comfortable living environment for the polar bear.  And SF zoo should do it now.

The polar bear is suffering now.  To give the polar bear a healthy living environment, the polar bear needs your sign now.

We can help the polar bear in USA SF zoo have a healthy and comfortable living environment.

Thank you